Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report List of Players.

For what it's worth the actual list of players from the Mitchell Report is below. (The previous list was bogus, as suspected by many.) There's not a name on this list that surprised me or should surprise anyone. For the most part all of these people have been tied to investigations before. And, this report only serves to finally allow the journalists and analysts to discuss the alleged steroid users without fear of repercussion. Strangely, there have been very few denials thus far.
The list:

Allen, Chad

Ankiel, Rick

Bell, David

Bell, Mike

Bennett Jr., Gary

Bonds, Barry

Brown, Kevin

Byrd, Paul

Cabrera, Alex

Caminiti , Ken

Carreon, Mark

Christiansen, Jason

Clark, Howie

Clemens, Roger

Conseco, Jose

Cust, Jack

Donnels, Chris

Donnelly, Brendan

Dykstra , Len

Franco, Matt

Franklin, Ryan

Gagne, Eric

Giambi, Jason

Giambi, Jeremy

Gibbons, Jay

Glaus, Troy

Gonzalez, Juan

Grimsley, Jason

Guillen, Jose

Hairston Jr., Jerry

Herges, Matt

Hiatt, Phil

Hill, Glenallen

Holmes, Darren

Hundley, Todd

Jorgernson, Ryan

Justice, David

Knoblauch, Chuck

Laker, Tim

Lansing, Mike

Lo Duca, Paul

Logan, Exavier

Manzanillo, Josias

Matthews, Jr. Gary

McKay, Cody

Mercker, Kent

McGwire, Mark

Miadich, Bart

Naulty, Daniel

Neagle, Denny

Morris, Hal

Palmeiro, Rafael

Parque, Jim

Pettitte, Andy

Pratt, Todd

Randolph, Stephen

Rocker, John

Riggs, Adam

Rios, Armando

Roberts, Brian

Santangelo, F.P.

Santiago , Benito

Schoenweis, Scott

Segui, David

Sheffield, Gary

Sosa, Sammy

Stanton, Mike

Tejada, Miguel

Valdez, Ismael

Vaughn, Mo

Velarde, Randy

Villone, Ron

Vina, Fernando

White, Rondell

Willaims, Jeff

Williams, Matt

Williams, Todd

Woodard, Steve

Young, Kevin

Zaun, Gregg

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