Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Can Can

If you're like me you're thinking, "Sure the Sox have Beckett, and Lester, and Dice K at the top of their rotation.  And they picked up Penny and Smoltz.  Plus, there are always those wunderkinds Buchholz and Masterson waiting in the wings. And, the workhorse, old reliable Timmy is back ready to throw 300 innings.  But, what about excitement?"  Where is the man with 12 arm deliveries that can occasionally baffle hitters?  Is there a pitcher on this staff that can put down beers as fast as he can throw strikes?  Because the ‘Can can.  That's right. The Canman is back and just wants a chance.  And why not?  He's not even 50 years old. 

I remember being about three people from the field on the first base side when Oilcan pitched the Sox to the division clincher in 1986 against the Toronto Blue Jays.  Before the ninth inning started we climbed down from the grandstand to get a better leap onto the field and celebrate. But, at the top of the frame police horses trotted out lining the stands and preventing and chance of reaching the field.  The ‘Can pitched. A flyball hovered above first base, and sure-handed Bill Buckner parked under it for the third out and and a guaranteed trip to the playoffs. 

Those were halcyon years to be sure and they're back!  Last Thursday a new edition of New Edition dusted off its hits for the Nokia theatre here in New York-for some reason Johnny Gill didn't play "My, my, my."  Thank God I didn't go.  And, tonight Reputa the Beauta is back in Boston when J. Geils takes the stage at the new House of Blues.  Woohoo! 

What's my point?  Do I want to return to these days of wayward afternoons and Mr. Telephone man?  To pegging my pants and shopping at Tello's? To flunking off of nearly every sports team my high school had?  To half-heartedly rooting for Roger Clemens? No, I guess I was just young and stupid.

Tonight Harpoon will be at the bar pouring their new Catamount Maple Wheat.  Stick around after the event for Celts game at Utah.

The Sox

Pitchers and catchers have duly reported and we are less than a week away from the first spring training game.  We will show at Thom’s every game they let us.

You got me saying
My, My, My
My, My, My
You sure look good tonight
And your so damn fine

-Johnny Gill

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