Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go Twins


It wasn’t my fault. I swear. It wasn’t. O.K. Maybe I did sort of root for the twins last night. But, it wasn’t those Twins. I didn’t realize it would affect the game. Whatever you do, do not blame my girls; obviously, they were rooting for the Sox.

It was the first baseball of the spring and, oh did we stick it to BC. Take that Eagles. First your basketball team loses to Harvard and now your baseball team loses to guys named Natale and Corsaletti (Weren’t those the two anarchists that offed a payclerk in Braintree?). [click for a little injustice atmosphere.]

And now for a bit more injustice: Later in the Mayor’s Cup or Mayor’s Ball or the game that they play every year against the Twins at the beginning of Spring the Sox saw their early wining streak end. MVP Pedroia picked up where he left off doing good stuff (that’s pretty much the level of analysis this early in the spring. That, and Sacco and/or Vanzetti jokes.) Ueber-prospect and all-around great public park Lars Anderson didn’t do good stuff. But, friend of the BLOHARDS, Yankee-killer, nominee for the Crash Davis Award, and all-around nice guy, Jeff Bailey, just after hearing Sean McAdams pronounce, “Er-ah, I’m not sure what room the Sox have for Jeff after signing Bad Wilkkkkkkkkerson,” hit a rbi single. Good for you Jeff. I think he was inspired by Daubach in the booth.

50 more years for Fenway? That’s according to the Trio sans Theo yesterday.

“We’re very adamant. I can’t imagine replicating what we have in Fenway Park,” Henry said. “There are a lot of elements that have gone into our record-breaking sellout streak, but I think Fenway may be the biggest one of them all.”

The Celts finally hit a wall on their West Coast swing without Garnett: namely L.A. (Clippers). Everyone knows the Boston/L.A. match-up is always tough. And, I think the Celts did admirably only losing by 2 on the road without their raison du jeu Kevin Garnett. Any doubters, though, need not fear. 22 time all-star and former Georgia Tech player (he majored in Team Chemistry) Stephon Marbury may soon be coming to the Garden. Forget banner 18. I’m thinking about 19 and 20.

Oh yeah. What’s going om at Thom’s? We got some of the spring training games. We should even have some Sox legends coming by early in the season.

BTW, thank you to everyone for all of the gifts and well-wishes. A big, fat, thanks to whoever gave us that economy-sized box of Yankees diapers. The girls are really going through them fast. Now, if I could just get a potty shaped like Yankee Stadium…

You remember that rainy evenin'

I threw you out....with nothin' but a fine tooth comb

Ya, I know I'm to blame, now... ain't it a shame

Jeff Bailey, won't you please come home
- Hughie Cannon

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Suldog said...

Starbury hasn't exactly been lightin' the joint up since Rondo went down. Heaven help us if Rondo ever goes out in the playoffs.

...If You Ain't Got That Ring.