Friday, July 10, 2009

All That Glitters is Gold.

It’s time for Thom’s This Week in Baseball.

They’ll be serving knuckle sandwiches in St. Louis on July 14. Yeah! You see, that’s when the All-Star game is and Wakefield is, ahm-let’s start over:

American League wins leader (11) Tim Wakefield will be playing in the first All-Star game of his career on July 14. Yeah. Roll the video. Timmy won his 11th game of the year Wednesday night against the visiting A’s who brought along an old friend.

Nomar visited the old grounds that made him famous. The man who revived the Red Sox, who allowed us to win every debate, whose number was hung from the rafters every night when he took it off came in as DH for the A’s struggling through another injury plagued season and received a prolonged standing ovation at the plate. He made it clear that he wanted to return to the Sox again before retiring, but didn’t understand that he just had.

The Yankee Way!

Did you think Yankee villainy began with Alex Rodriguez-Ciccone? Boy were you naïve. Aside from abusing tax-payers and soccer players it turns out that they’re grave robbers too. The Boston Herald reported today that former Yankee owner Barry Halper stole the wills of some of Boston’s early greats. In addition, he had possession of items stolen from the Boston Public Library. Are you really surprised?

Shout it out loud, We Love The YANKEES
We're really proud of our YANKEES
And we're gonna win today

More Thom’s Foolery

Well, in retrospect I’m glad we got Stephon because we all had to learn to accept a player we swore we would never like. This year we’ll put that tolerance to the test when number 30 Rasheed Wallace steps on the floor. If nothing else the Celts will lead the league in technical fouls. To be fair, he’s coming off the bench and if coached right could become an important, ah, shit-I really don’t like him.

For Timmy:

Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play
Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on, get paid.
(And all that glitters is gold)
Only shooting stars break the mold

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