Saturday, July 11, 2009

Halper Auctioeer Claims no Knowledge of Stolen Will

A new article in today's Herald puts the question of the whereabouts of Tommy McCarthy's will-the rarest autograph in baseball-to former Yankees owner Halper's auctioneer, Rob Lifson.

Auctioneer: Way of the will unknown

An auctioneer who worked with a deceased New York Yankees owner who
had stolen Boston baseball treasures in his collection says he doesn’t know what
happened to the missing will of 19th century Hub ballplayer Tommy

Rob Lifson, a consultant who helped Sotheby’s auction house sell
millions in memorabilia for Yankees owner Barry Halper in 1999, also said he was
unaware that a rare contract sold in that auction was part of a baseball
scrapbook swiped from the New York Public Library.

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