Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Day for Boston?

Am I mistaken or did Boston have a great day yesterday?  The Sox, The Celts, and the Bruins all won. And, BC Hockey won the national championship For Boston. This all followed a miserable Friday collapse by the Sox in Kansas City and a Celtics drubbing at the hands of the Bullets.

The Sox beat Greinke and the Royals with 5 homeruns-two of them back-to-back by Hermida and Varitek in the fifth against Greinke. The Royals announcers seemed like they couldn't have been more disinterested in the dingers against their ace who gave up but 11 all of last year on his way to a Cy Young award.

The Celts led by Rasheed Wallace-start over-The Celts beat the Bucks. Garnett didn't play. Bogut couldn't play.  Big Baby decided that instead of fighting little Jennings, this time he was going to fight the aged Kurt Thomas. Does Big Baby know that the MMA figters he dreams of facing will be slightly more ferocious? What I took from this game is Ray Allen is playing good basketball going into the playoffs. That's huge.

The Bruins are playing decent hockey right now.  Their defense has been sharp and their passing terrific leaving them many good scoring opportunities every game.  They just haven't been able to finish until yesterday when they put three short handed goals in in a 64-second span against Carolina winning 4-2 and clinching a playoff spot. With the win they avoided a first round match-up with today's opponent, Washington. 

Before the championship game the  commentators said that Wisconsin was possibly the best defense all-time in college hockey. That sounded something like the laurels Peyton Manning was receiving before the last Superbowl. He was the best quarterback ever, until he lost. Well, it would be hard to call the Badgers the best defense ever after giving up 4 third period goals to the Eagles who won the national championship 5 to zip over the Badgers.

It was a good day.

For Boston, for Boston,

Thy glory is our own!

For Boston, for Boston,

'Tis here that Truth is known.

-T.J. Hurley

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