Friday, April 23, 2010

Lucky 7's Jackpot

Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Ooooh, ooh. It's the triple 7 jackpot tonight when the Celts, the B's, and the Sox all begin at the same time. Holy Crap, we had better start cooking the nachos now! Where to begin?


The Sox have sucked bad lately. Is there any other way to put it? [actually, there is. The built in grammar corrector wants me to say "sucked badly lately", but the Sox don't deserve that many adverbs.] "Run prevention" has turned into run dementia as the Sox' defense and pitching more resemble that of the Thom's softball team than contenders. Enter the Orioles. God bless the oasis that has always been the Baltimore Orioles. They are the only team behind us in the standings right now and should be an easy match-up for the Sox. Should be. Should be! Anyway-
The Broons are goal preventing greatly lately. A double overtime thriller has the Black and Gold up 3 games to 1 and in the catbird's seat going in to game 5 tonight. If they win they will play the winner of the Senators/Penguins series and hopefully, finally, get some ugly revenge on Pittsburgh for knocking Savard out for the season (probably). I wonder what this guy will have to say about it (Listen carefully as to why they're fighting.)?

The Celts sans Garnett played awesomely behind the hustle and girth of Big Babily in Game 2. The Heat were determined to teach the Celts a lesson after Garnett got into it with 6 or 7 of them on their bench (What a coward!) and boy did they. The Heat showed Garnett that the Celts could play really well with out him and that hurt his feelings.

Game 3 is tonight in Miami and it promises to be packed with Celts fans. I just got back from that area and it's the Boston Riviera right now as April vacation has found New Englanders all over Florida. The radio ads down their proudly trumpeted that there are still plenty if tickets for the game for sale (starting at $10). Huge mistake, guys. All the New England families do down there is sit on the beach, eat free popcorn, drink blue cocktails, and listen to the radio. And, when they hear how cheap the tickets are compared to the other attractions-The Monkey Jungle in Miami, for instance, was $30 to get in-they'll be lining up like roast beef is free at Kelly's.

In other important news, the Boston Public Library is under attack. Read all about the effort to stop the insanity here: Chin Music by Glen Stout.

And speaking of chin music, the thieves of baseball's history are getting it high and tight right now thanks to the effort of the new website Hauls of Shame. Read all about the efforts to return the most important documents of baseball history to their rightful owners: the libraries.

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