Friday, October 26, 2007

A Roamin' Holliday

There wasn't much cheering last night at Thom's until the fourth inning when Jacoby Ellsbury gave America a free taco by stealing second. The crowd was warmed up and jumped into to full fan mode. When Schilling left the game he got a standing ovation in the bar. Horton lead each and everyone in "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". And then Okajeemer got a riot out of us for every big K. It was the perfect set up for the biggest roar of the night.

Papelbon entered the game with 2 outs in the eighth to face the leading contender for NL MVP, Matt Holliday. A line drive up the middle nearly put a hole through Paps and was gloved by Pedroia who rolled over his wrist without making a throw. The trainers came out to check both players and they both stayed in the game. But, now one of the best hitters of the last decade, Todd Helton, was at the plate down one and a man on first. Paps stared into the plate puckered his lips and lowered his head. He set his glove and suddenly twirled to first ending the Rockies' roamin' Holliday who probably had it in mind to steal second but, instead, ended the inning.

Papelbon went on to close out the closest game the Sox have had this whole postseason. It's on to Coloroado.

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